PERO parts cleaning systems: "Made in Germany" - used worldwide

PERO is a leading manufacturer of parts cleaning systems supplying companies in many different industries - automotive and aerospace, jewellery and watch-making, lighting, electrical and optical equipment production – to name just a few. Many suppliers specialising in cutting and non-cutting machining clean their parts in PERO units.


Quality management

PERO parts cleaning systems and services are renowned for their excellent quality. We work hard every day to maintain this high reputation. Our QA officer constantly revises our processes and our quality system with a view to further improvement. We want to offer our customers the best possible cleaning process for their specific requirements, meeting their expectations. The high level of customer satisfaction we enjoy is not least due to the in-depth cleaning trial runs and tests performed at our Centre of Competence. At our factories in Königsbrunn and Gotha, every PERO machine undergoes a through testing and commissioning procedure before it is shipped to the customer.

Personnel qualification

All our administrative and technical staff are highly qualified. PERO technical services employees are trained and experienced in many different fields of technology. At PERO, we believe in further education and training for all staff. We are a certified Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and train young people in a number of professions including mechatronics engineering, industrial mechanics and industrial business management approved by the German assessment body IHK. In addition, we offer internships as well as permanent jobs for undergraduate and masters students in our sales, marketing and technical design departments.

Occupational safety

Our workforce has made PERO the successful company it is today. The protection of the health and well-being of our staff, and in particular the occupational safety of our trainees, are key priorities of our management staff. All visitors and external contractors entering our site are given detailed safety information. In all safety-related matters, we cooperate of course closely with the relevant state bodies and statutory insurance companies. An occupational safety expert and our works doctor advice the management team in all matters of health and safety. Through regular site inspections and emergency drills, we maintain a high general awareness for safety among all staff members.

CE accredication

As a manufacturer and vendor of plants for parts cleaning, we meet all minimum requirements of the European Directives that apply to our products. Our machines therefore bear the CE Mark, in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 765/2008 and Decision No. 768/2008/EC, both dated 9 July 2008. For this purpose, we perform risk assessments according to EN ISO 12100:2010.


Sustainability is a central maxim for us, Pero AG, in every respect. We place the highest value on responsible and ethical actions and business practices - in the interests of our company, our employees, our customers and our suppliers. In doing so, we actively address important issues such as climate and environmental protection, digitalization and globalization. After all, these are among the major challenges that have a high impact on the sustainable development of society and the environment. We are committed to the recognized principles of the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption and have laid down these principles in our Pero Code of Conduct. In terms of general climate and environmental protection, high standards apply at all Pero sites. These include energy-efficient work as well as responsible handling of all other natural resources. This applies to production areas as well as to all other departments. Developers and designers are also constantly striving to make our systems even more energy-efficient and durable, and to use the materials we use in a particularly resource-friendly way through innovative ideas. This makes our products particularly sustainable, and at the same time we support our customers in their sustainability efforts.

Company history

PERO (Peter Erbel Reinigungsanlagen und Oberflächentechnik) was established in 1953 in Königsbrunn near Augsburg, Germany.

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The cornerstones of our success

In the course of 66 years of entrepreneurship, our values have clearly emerged. They connect the people in our company and are the cornerstone of our economic success.

  • We communicate with each other in an honest and truthful manner.
  • In our communication, we always show respect to our partners.
  • We overcome difficulties by working together towards a shared goal.
  • The people who work for us are our most precious asset. To achieve our goals, we need to be passionate in what we do and work in teams.
  • We perform all tasks with diligence and to the best of our ability.
  • Thanks to our huge experience, we are able to advise customers and other interested parties on the best industrial parts cleaning methods for their specific needs. We welcome challenges.
  • We have clear moral standards, always act with integrity and stand by our word.
  • Management set the standards for all employees and shows the way.

PERO management team

Working towards perfection

"Our main goal is offering our customers optimum cleaning solutions for their tasks, thus achieving highest possible customer satisfaction."

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