PERO Cleaning systems and solutions

PERO cleaning systems are the ideal solution for many different production processes. Our product range covers virtually any cleaning task.

Cleaning tasks

Parts cleaning can take place at many different points along the production process. PERO units for parts cleaning are suitable for preliminary, intermediate and final cleaning. Watch the animated slideshow to the right to learn more about cleaning along the production process.

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The PERO range of parts cleaning systems includes small, compact units designed for manual charging as well as highly complex, fully automated machines with one or more charging lanes.

PERO units for cleaning with solvents


  • All processes take place under vacuum
  • Efficient processing to meet high cleanliness standards
  • Virtually no emissions – extremely low solvent consumption and extra safety for people and the environment
  • Low process temperatures – no degradation of solvent
  • Low power consumption
  • Efficient use of resources thanks to solvent treatment in closed system – long solvent lifetime
  • Heat recovery – baths are heated by solvent vapour

PERO units for cleaning with aqueous media

For intermediate or final cleaning to the required cleanliness standard, PERO offers tailor-made cleaning units run with aqueous solutions and operated at atmospheric pressure:

  • Turn table units for spray cleaning (primarily used for single part cleaning)
  • Spray-cleaning units with horizontally rotating frames (baskets, racks, single parts)
  • Chamber units for multi-stage immersion cleaning (baskets, racks, single parts)
  • Spray cleaning units for large parts
  • Tunnel cleaning units, also known as conveyor units (for spray cleaning of single parts in series production)