PERO – Technological Milestones

For more than 60 years, PERO has been known for innovation and clever ideas in the design and production of parts cleaning systems. From water-based cleaning units to revolutionary refrigeration technology in parts cleaning and innovative, hermetically sealed systems – PERO has set many new technological standards that have won over customers as well as innovation award bodies. That is why PERO's integrated treatment systems have won several prizes, including the German Innovation Award.
  • 1958

    Introduction of revolutionary refrigeration technology in parts cleaning, reducing solvent consumption by 50%.
  • 1964

    Development and manufacture of water-based cleaning units – the popular ROBOMAT is born, replacing steam jet cleaners in maintenance shops.
  • 1978

    Launch of first front-loading machines for industrial parts cleaning. This loading method has since become the standard in hermetically sealed cleaning units.
  • 1985

    PERO wins the German Innovation Award for its innovative integrated treatment system for solvents.
  • 1986

    PERO sets the standard for German Federal Immission Control Act
    When setting the permissible limits for solvent consumption, the German lawmakers apply the innovative, hermetically sealed systems from PERO as the new standard.
  • 1991

    PERO units provide excellent cleaning results despite FCHC ban
    In response to the FCHC ban, PERO develops a proprietary refrigerant that fully conforms to the new regulations.
  • 1998

    With the PERO V1, the company launches its first water-cooled vacuum degreasing system. All machine sections containing solvent are operated under vacuum. The unit is continuously monitored for leakage, while the cleaning processes are performed at temperatures that are significantly lower than with conventional machines. This protects not only the parts, but also the cleaning medium.

    PERO developments revolutionise explosion protection regulations
    In contrast to plant manufacturers who consider underpressure as sufficient to prevent explosion in parts cleaning plants operated with hydrocarbons, PERO offers units with qualified explosion protection.
  • 2001-2004

    Extension of PERO's V series with new models from V0 (typical batch size: 380 x 220 x 200 mm) to V5 (for Euro wire mesh boxes).
  • 2004

    Launch of "Universal" cleaning unit
    The new "Universal" cleaning unit can be operated with modified alcohols, hydrocarbons (flash point > 55°C) or halogenated hydrocarbons. Changing cleaning medium is extremely quick and easy, and requires no mechanical modifications.
  • 2009

    Launch of PERO R1, the first model of the R series, the successor of the V series. The R1 revolutionises parts cleaning, as it is the fastest cleaning unit in its batch-size class. Cycle times are virtually halved, while throughput rates are nearly doubled. Greater technical cleanliness can already be achieved with the standard model. Automated filter-drying, automated oil discharge and a range of maintenance programmes make the unit particularly user-friendly and cost-efficient.
  • 2012

    The PERO R2 is launched, replacing the PERO V2 model. Thanks to its novel design, the R2 sets new standards, as it allows for much higher throughput rates at reduced energy consumption, thus significantly reducing the cleaning costs per part.
  • 2013

    PERO launches the S1, an entry-level unit for parts cleaning with solvents.

    PERO celebrates 60 years of INNOVATION
    PERO offers a comprehensive range of wet cleaning units run with water-based media, and for operation with modern solvents. The PERO portfolio covers everything from manual on-the-spot cleaning devices, turn tables and chamber units to powerful high-tech plants for large batches and deep cleaning.
  • 2014

    Launch of PERO R4 and PERO R5 models, replacing the V4 and V5 respectively.
  • 2015

    The new R0 model for parts cleaning with solvents is the latest model of the R series that now replaces the entire V series.
  • 2016

    With the NEPTUN, PERO adds another innovative model to its water-based parts cleaning unit range.
  • 2017

    PERO introduces an automatic shift function for its R0 to R5 models, providing unrivalled user comfort in parts cleaning with solvents.
  • 2018

    With the completely redesigned, extra compact automatic charging unit for the R1 model, PERO offers an enhanced loading and positioning system for parts carriers.